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Hi Onyx,

I agree with luckypenny. I would take your puppy to the vet.

“How do I take his temperature?”
Rectal thermometers can be purchased from Walmart for about 3 dollars.
Normal Dog range: 99.5 – 102.5 F (37.5 – 39.2 C)

Determining Hydration.
1) Feel the saliva – if it feels like normal saliva (ewww….. ) then that is a good sign. If it feels like paste – dehydration may be present
2) Pull the skin at the top of the neck – it should ‘snap’ back into place. If it is slow to return to normal – another sign of dehydration.
3) If your pet is still playful – dehydration is unlikely. But this of course, does not mean you should post-pone your veterinary visit.

Good luck and let us know how he does!

P.S. - Pepto bismol can also help till you get to the vet. In general I use one teaspoon for a 10-30 pound dog.
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