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Hi- Arthritis in dogs is a very difficult issue. My dog is a very active 7 year old standard schnauzer. We discovered that she was having great difficulty jumping into the car or onto the couch or walking up stairs. X-Rays showed spinal osteoarthritis lower back area. We started glucosamine and chondridon immediately. No NSAID medication helped her. Having a young dog who was suffering from arthritis, that was effecting her mobility and her quality of life was a huge issue. I decided to take the option to start her on Prednisone at a small dose/day. There were immediate results. My dog responded excellently to the steriod. It is 8 months since starting and I have been able to ween her off the steroid. She is showing no signs of relapse.

You need to work closely with your Vet and seek outside reference if you need it. There are alot of opinions out there with respect to how you should treat your dog. In my case, I directed her treatment towards pain management first and foremost. I felt she needs to return to her life of action. I weighed the risks verses the outcome. Cagney is back to herself.I am happy to say that her medication worked for her. The steroid was monitored closely and she is now weaned off the drug. I am hoping she continues to feel well-time will tell.

Yes- steroids do have bad long term side effects. Each person needs to understand the risk factors. I am not promoting the use of steroids as a first line treatment. We added this treatment for my dog and it was effective.
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