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, a little long.

Originally Posted by chico2 View Post
...Moodindigo,I just assumed July 1st was moving day for students,going home for the summer,leaving their apartements and their cats behind,sorry if I generalized,I don't know why July 1st is considered"moving-day"
In Quebec, July 1st is "moving day". Sorta keeps the processes involved with moving and leases a little more organized (not the streets of downtown Montreal however, blocked up and down with moving trucks ).

I personally don't think this is a valid excuse for dumping your pet though. When I used to go apartment hunting, I often came across places that did not allow children. That didn't mean I'd drop my boys off at social services because I just had to have the place. If one cleans up after their pet and prevents them from making too much noise and damage, the majority of landlords I know don't mind. It's the irresponsible owners that make all others look bad.

With all the ridiculous excuses I've heard for abandoning animals, I feel that "I'm moving to a new place that doesn't allow animals" a pretty lame one. Sometimes it's just that, an excuse to dump a pet (like allergies too) just to avoid a little humility. Many landlords will always make exceptions if you prove yourself to be a responsible owner ie. providing references from past landlords and neighbors, inviting potential landlords to current residence to confirm cleanliness, leaving a security deposit to ensure any damage will be covered, and allowing for a clause in the lease that if substantial proof is offered against excessive noise/filth/smell/damage, the situation must be rectified immediately. I can't think of too many landlords that would refuse this. Most don't want to discriminate against pet-owners, they just want to protect their investments, which IMO, is totally justified.

If one knows they will be moving, then, for goodness sakes, do the responsible thing and prepare well in advance. "No pets allowed" is rarely a valid excuse for ditching a pet.

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