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I thought I'd post as the only (apparently) oddball who doesn't like crate training. I just can't get my head past the concept that it's just a cage. And I don't like the idea of putting my baby in one. I will admit that when I first picked her up from the pound, that I used a crate (borrowed) for the first couple of nights -- because I had no idea of her background and habits. But that was it. Within the first week, I had her fully toilet trained and, within the next couple of weeks, I also had her "area trained" -- so there's no nasty surprises or dead grass anywhere on my back lawn except in her toilet area. I would never consider using a crate for anything other than night time confinement of a non-housebroken dog. I also subscribe to the theory that a person should always be at home with their dog (within reason, of course), so I didn't get mine until I retired ("Freedom 30 Something"). I know that made it a heck of a lot easier for me to get my training done!
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