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Just to clear things up, not all SPCA's adopt out without neutering - the SPCA Monteregie always has their animals fixed before leaving the shelter, and as Frenchy said, it also gives the adoptee's a chance to back out while they are waiting for their dog or cat to be ready to go.....

A neighbor across the street from my sister was sooo excited to tell her that her boyfriends dog (a pitbull x ) just had 8 puppies and they had homes waiting for all of them. When my sister lectured her (for the millionth time) about sterilization and unwanted pets (she's had many, many dogs and cats before, but that's another story...), all she said was that it's good money and they make sure the puppies are in 'good homes'!!!! Oh, and did I mention, he adopted the dog three months ago from the SPCA Montreal....
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