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Chico, it's not only students dumping their cats in July. Moving day in Montreal is July 1st. People move into apartments or rented condos that don't accept pets (though it is against the law for a landlord to demand that), and they just dump their pets.

I for one would never have lived anywhere that didn't allow pets. My son made his landlord write the names of his cats on his lease.

This is a scandal, and unbearable for any normal human being to behold.

BTW, I'm sorry I can't adopt more kitties or foster them. I have only 3 cats, but one of them was born outside, rescued when she was near death. She loves my older cat, who only tolerates her. But about 20 months ago, we took in a new cat that had been abandoned on moving day. My little feral took a long time to adapt to him and was stressed out for months. I don't want to put her through that anymore, especially now that she's getting along in years.

These stories break my heart though, I'm going to speak to everyone I know and remind them about abandoned cats. Everyone really close to me (family, friends) have multiple pets.
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