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Smile Training a Trainer/ Working with animals....

My name is Danielle and I'm an animal sciences student, which qualifies me to assist in a veterinary office, work at a zoo, shelter, wildlife reserve, kennel, etc. I would like to start my own business one day where I do dog (and owner) training, pet sitting, give presentations on animals to schools or community groups, and help people become responsible pet parents. I live in the Fraser Valley in BC. In addition to my schooling I'm also going to be doing fundraising for the World Wildlife Fund and volunteering with the SPCA and Greater Vancouver Zoo. Does anyone have any advice for me about where in my area I could attend seminars, etc on pet care or training, people I could be in touch with who could be mentors to me, anything at all? I am crazy about animals and love my pets and I know my schooling is very thorough, but if there is anything else I could be doing, reading, attending, etc, I would love to know. I want to make sure I get as much experience and education as possible! Thank you!
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