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I am also with a rescue group at our adoption day today we had 10 cats and kittens, one got adopted. We are very careful with who we adopt to and if our kittens are to young to get adopted we keep track of them. When it is time we make the appointments for sterilization, we pick up the cat and then we return it to the new owners. It is a lot of work and running around but at least we are sure our cats do not contribute to the overpopulation. In my opinion that is the responsible way of doing it. Not just calling the new owner to ask if the cat has been sterilized like the SPCA does. Everyone has a busy life and even though their intentions are good they do not alwayse get to the vet to get the animals neutered.

Like everyone else we are overloaded! I made a beautiful poster for 8 cats that we need foster homes for. 5 are loosing their foster homes in about 4 to 6 weeks. One is Jolly who I have posted a week ago, who is being kept by one of our volunteers in a crate because he has to be tested for FIV before we can get him adopted and two are still outside because we have no place to put them and one of them has 4 kittens.

Like everyone else in this business I am frustrated and heart sick to see what beautiful loving animals are being abandon and cannot understand how people can do this. If this is what we call civilized God help us.

I'll keep plugging away, and try to educate people, try to avoid the ones who would abandon a cat, try to help the ones I can. What we need is to stand together and shout as loud as we can at the government. And when I go to bed tonigh I hope I can come up with a solution for the 2 little grey and white, 6 week old kittens I saw on my balcony tonight because my Inn is full and I have no reserves. To top it off I have a message on my answering machine about stray cat and kittens.
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