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I so agree about the bandwagon and I have not read many of those but I like Kathy Reichs tho a writer friend of mine (Daniel Kalla who has a new book out, something about Rage, I forget the rest - some promoter I am ,lol) sent me 5 books by a new author but maybe this summer. This is an Ontario based writer named Barbara Fradkin eho he says is better than Reichs.

Anyway - the second to last book of Reichs was about finding bones that might be of the family of Jesus at Masada - kind of mixing Jewish and Christian history if I can call it that together. (Sort of like my family, Jewish and Christian and everything else in between, lol).

And there have been two books - one by Berry whose 1st name escapes me - who also had one about the knights Templar - and the other by the two sisters who write about the character Nina Reilly - and the Russian Family. I LOVED Nicholas and Alexandria (the book - never saw the movie and part of my heritage is Russian Jewish, not that the Royal family did much for Jews, lol) so it intriged me. I just recently found Robert Massie's sequel - written after the bones of the Romanov's were found - and I liked that. He wrote about the conclusive findings and my biochem background is interested in that analysis - that Anna Anderson (the woman who was found in the Germany and claimed to be the youngest daughter Anastasia) - -s actually a Romanian peasant but she sure did a great imitation of a Royal Duchess!

So, yeah - there are a plethora of me too books, sigh!
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