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Im starting to think maybe it would be better to go to something like a holistic vet with my dog; I find it disapointing that a regular vet will sell you garbage food because they benefit from it, they often tell you your pet needs certain procedures even if it doesn't, and try to get you to vacinate your pet overly (and from what I've been hearing about all these problems with this, it scares me) just to make a good buck off you yearly. I'm finding it seems to be all about money now, not for the best care of the animal.
I totally agree with you!! My vet's did that to me with my oldest heeler. I took her in for a check up and they found one of her back teeth were abcesed. The vet said we had to pull it. That's fine as I knew it had to be done for her sake. Well, they decided to go ahead and clean her teeth and pull 3 more that weren't as bad, but looked like they could have been an issue!!! This forced them to charge me more for anesthetic, and for the cleening which I never asked for, and the pulling. It cost me over $1200.00!! I was severely angry and haven't been back there since. My heeler fractured her front canine a few months ago while disciplining a malamute and I took her to a smaller vet just outside of Calgary. He pulled it and it only cost me $250.00 and he didn't get into any bull about her needing anything extra! My baby's tough and get's into scraps with younger houlligans!!

Whenever I go to any vet clinic here, they try to sell me Medi-cal, or heart worm prevention medication. We don't even have heartworm in Alberta!!!What crap! I can't imagine being a vet and seeing an animal suffer, and not helping it because the owner's can't pay all of the money up front! Not everyone has $3000.00+ lying around the house! We all do manage to come up with the money, but I think vet's need to be in the business of helping animals, not just making a profit!!! That's the same for doctor's too I guess!

There's my 2 cents for this post! Thanks for letting me rant!
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