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Originally Posted by bbv
I took Roxi to the vets yesterday and the Dr. told me I should maybe change her food to Eukanuba......after reading your discussion on this food I have to wonder shouldn't a vet know a good food from a bad one?
Yeah you would think and hope so, but the thing that I do find sad is that alot of them also get benefits for selling more of that type of food (such as science diet, medi-cal, and possibly others). So they sell it, weither it is healthy or not, just to get the extra perks from the company. Maybe Eukanuba is jumping the bandwagon and starting to do the same thing, I don't know.
Im starting to think maybe it would be better to go to something like a holistic vet with my dog; I find it disapointing that a regular vet will sell you garbage food because they benefit from it, they often tell you your pet needs certain procedures even if it doesn't, and try to get you to vacinate your pet overly (and from what I've been hearing about all these problems with this, it scares me) just to make a good buck off you yearly. I'm finding it seems to be all about money now, not for the best care of the animal. I hope somewhere out there this isn't the case, but I have yet to find somewhere that it isn't.
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