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Originally Posted by heidiho View Post
I have come to the conclusion unless you are breeding your dog for some kind of greater good in the world(seeing eye dogs,special needs for people etc) i dont see why you would breed,with all the animals that need homes in this world..

Without good breeders, only the puppy millers and byb would be producing dogs. Would we want the genetic heritage of the canine population in their hands?

Now yes I am a breeder, but I also foster for the JRTRO and suggest rescue constantly. I have a litter every year or two. But I wouldn't want my breed riddled with disease because the only breeders are the byb who don't believe in testing, or contracts or spaying or neutering. (I require any person who cannot keep the dog they must return it to me. And if anything goes wrong health wise (genetic) I will refund the full amount.)

Instead of targeting breeders how about educating the public and closing puppy mills? How many of the 'extra' dogs needing homes are from good breeders? If idiots would stop buying dogs at pet stores and from shady breeders there would be so few 'extra' animals out there needing homes.

Good breeders know we are just the caretakers of the valuable resource that is the genetic heritage of our chosen breed, and must be protected so it can be passed on for future generations of humans and dogs.
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