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Which Camera

I know very little about photography and even less about cameras so I have come to ask for help in selecting a good quality camera.
I have a Fuji now which I absolutely hate. The colors are not what I would like them to be. I'm not steady enough in holding my camera to get clear shots, lots of time they are taken one handed because I am walking Lukka and holding her in the other hand. (the shots are of rabbits or fox or deer.....anything else we see on the trails. So I have to keep Lukka held tightly or she would be off to chase these harmful and threatening wild animals . My shots end up in a blurr because of the motion of me struggling to hold Lukka back and my inability to hold the camera completely still while shooting. This is the result often blurry pics like these

I would like to have suggestions on which camera I could buy that is fairly easy to use and could stand a bit of movement during the shot. I need it to be small and easy to handle and to tag along on trails. Any shots I blow up would be about 8 X10. My camera only has 3x zoom and I don't find that to be enough. I'm not willing to spend more than $450.00 - $500.00.
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