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Red face

Originally Posted by peterk4 View Post
Hi and thank you for reading my post.
About two weeks ago, my yorkie/maltese dog (4.5 pounds) had a severe vaccine reaction. She recieved bordatella and the rabies vac. The vet speculated that the rabies vaccine was the cause of this. She went into shock and had to be placed on an IV and had reversing medications (i.e. benedryl). A week later, I was brushing her and her hair on her back started coming out in clumps. Now, she has barely any hair on the top of her back, and a large spot on her neck. The skin where those areas have hair loss is pink and is scaly in some areas.
My question is: will her hair grow back in those places? also, should I be concerned with the red, scaly skin?
Thank you!
Hi, I have a Morkie who is 4 months old and the exact same thing has happened to her! I was wondering if your pup's hair ever grew back? Do I need to worry about her getting sunburned? Thanks so much! Suzi
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