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Originally Posted by breeze View Post
ok I understand what flora is (flowers) but what is fauna please someone explain're not the only one confused
As the early member suggestions for a May theme mentioned mostly flowers and plants,
I believed this covered it nicely - floral,greenery, nature.
Thought Fauna was a term for trees, plants, grasses, mosses, etc. .

Looking at some of these great pics.... I began to realize I didnt "quite" have this

From Wikipedia:

Fauna is a collective term for animal life of any particular region or time. The corresponding term for plants is flora

Zoologists and paleontologists usually use fauna to refer to a typical collection of animals found in a specific time or place, e.g. the "Sonoran Desert fauna" or the "Burgess shale fauna".

Paleontologists sometimes refer to a sequence of 80 or so faunal stages, which are a series of rocks all containing similar fossils.

So, I feel pretty foolish...but learned something.

This is still a good theme, and the pics are wonderful!
Do you feel it should be "widened' in scope? Flora, Fauna and Nature?
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