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LOL! i found a better page here:

Custom Image Presets
The Sony H9 has a host of scene modes that are spread between the mode dial and the “SCN” menu. The “SCN” position on the mode dial has a menu with Twilight, Beach, Snow, and Fireworks scene modes – the typically less frequently used settings. The more common presets are located directly on the mode dial: Landscape, Twilight Portrait, Advanced Sports, Portrait, and High Sensitivity. The abundance of scene modes along with the manual, automatic, and movie modes makes the mode dial a flurry of icons. It is quite crowded, so it takes more than just a quick glance to find what you’re looking for.

While the other scene modes are found on the older H5, the new Sony H9 includes a new advanced sports shooting mode. This preset combines a 2 fps burst with a tracking auto focus mode that predicts where the action is moving. This is good for sporting events like track and baseball where the athletes move in predictable patterns. The mode worked well in the convention center; I panned as attendees walked by the Sony booth and they remained in sharp focus in the pictures. The only downside to this mode is that the burst lasts only 4 shots at a time.
it's NOT as good as an SLR camera, for sure!! but for my itty-bitty uses, it's perfect
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