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The Panasonic has amazing color!! Very nice....Can I now change the name of the thread to " So VERY Confused" ? Lol.

I will look more into the Panasonic, though I am still favoring the Canon (I think I am biased without really intending to be )

Well I was going to buy my new camera this month, but my stupid car decided it needed a really expensive new part , but I guess in a way it's a good thing, because this way I have more time to focus on what I really want in a camera and I won't rush into anything.

I definitley am sort of "camera dumb" , and it is funny because I can take some amazing pictures and my whole family thinks I am some sort of budding photographer yet half the time I totally fluke out and get the right shot.
I have no idea how I do it most times.
And I am not very good with camera lingo, but trying very hard to learn.
I spend a lot of time reading the manual and not understanding it.
So when I am stumped I will definitley ask you guys!!!

Thanks so much for all the advice and ideas.
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