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Thanks for everyones input! A special thanks for posting that sample diet. I also don't agree with the ingredients-I think it is way too high in carbs and don't understand why the meat would be such a low percentage, when all the recent research seems to indicate a much higher percent of meat is best! I will continue researching and using the 1/3, 1/3 1/3 proportions. I'm just a little worried about phosphorus, calcium and ash proportions. I would probably also like to get a good supplement to make sure I have all the minerals, vitmains, oils etc. covered. My vet also suggested contacting the University of California and asking for a prepared home cooked diet for our dog, but I think the $$ would be very high for that and seeing what "balance-it" suggests as far as protein quantity (knowing they are from the U of C) I'm not sure I'd agree anyway!! If anyone knows of a good supplement that would cover things that aren't covered in my home cooking, I'd love to hear. Presently, I am adding 2 tsp. of olive oil per pound of meat and 1 tsp. of ground (baked) eggshell. Thanks everyone!
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