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I now do a home cooked diet for my Noid.

The crested breed, hairless variety can be prone to missing teeth, connected to the hairless gene and my Noid is no exception! He has about a dozen left mostly the front ones so kibble was never much of a choice for him as he had a hard time eating it.

He had been on a canned food diet with table scraps supplementing it but then in January he got severely ill, vomiting and diarrhea with blood in both, very scary I was just beside myself.
Anyways the vet thought it was the food but at that time we didn't know about the food recall so that wasn't a thought untill afterwards of course, now one of those things that make you go Hmmmmm???

He was on a bland diet at first but once he got better I had already decided to switch to home cooked since it wasn't proving to be very difficult at all.

I belong to a Chinese Crested forum and a fellow moderator there has always fed homecooked so I just follow her formula.

Basically it's 1/3 meat 1/3 grain and 1/3 veggie and I add the missing link supplement and an fish oil

Noid has wheat/corn allergies so I mainly use barley or brown rice.

I like what I am seeing with this diet for him, his skin is clearing he has put on weight which was always a difficult thing to do, he's such a scrawny butt
And our vet says he has never looked better!

Best part is I know what he is eating however I guess keep my that the human food chain is better regulated than the pet food one!

It was all very scary and very heartbreaking so many dogs and cats got sicked and passed I feel so bad for all those people and I just thank my lucky stars that my Noid is OK, I couldn't imagine life without him around, he's my heart!
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