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Originally Posted by pitgrrl View Post
I think if enter "vin" as the promotional code you can get the recipes for free.
Using this promotional code, I got a free recipe:
from the kitchen of Ms. Rebecca

The following homemade recipe was specially created for layla, a healthy 3 yr. old female spayed lab x whippet using Balance ITŪ. layla currently weighs 37 lb. which is a healthy weight for her. Based on her weight, her calculated energy requirement is around 929 Calories daily. The following recipe provides 937 Calories daily.


Ingredients Grams Amount
(1) Sweetpotato, cooked, baked in skin, without salt 655.6 g 23 1/8 oz
(2) Fish, salmon, Atlantic, wild, cooked, dry heat 124.0 g 4 3/8 oz
(3) Oil, vegetable, corn 10.1 g 2 1/4 tsp
(4) Soup, chicken broth, canned, less/reduced sodium 345.0 g 1 7/16 cup


3 black and 2 white scoops (12.80 grams) of Balance ITŪ canine per day

Per Above Recipe: 937 Calories; 21% protein calories (197 Calories); 20% fat calories (187 Calories); 59% carbohydrate calories (553 Calories); 79.0% moisture. Note: These percentages do not correspond to the percentages listed on commercially made food.

Preparation Instructions:

Bake the salmon and sweet potato in the oven without any added salt. Once cooked measure out the salmon and sweet potato in the amounts above. Cut the sweet potato and salmon into small pieces. Measure out the above amount of chicken broth* and heat to a warm temperature on the stove or in the microwave as desired (take care to ensure that the broth is not too hot for feeding). Place the sweet potato in a serving bowl and add the salmon, chicken broth, oil and the necessary supplement. Mix well to ensure that all essential nutrients are eaten.

*Please ensure that the broth does not contain added onion or garlic because these can be harmful to dogs.

The recipe must be followed exactly. Any alteration in amount or substitution of ingredients may cause adverse health consequences.


Please monitor layla's weight and make sure she maintains her current healthy weight. If she begins to gain or lose weight, please contact her veterinarian.

layla should have regular visits with a veterinarian to check that her homemade diet is meeting her needs.
$20 for that? I think not. They probably don't even have the calorie requirements right because they don't ask abour her activity level, so it assumes normal activity and normal metabolic rate.
Not to mention, that's a tonne of sweet potato compared to fish.
Rip off. Deffinately.
(Thank you pitgrrl for the promo code)
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