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Bluetick independence.

Hello. I'm new on this site and was wondering if anyone could shed some light on my dog's personality.

Bella's an 8 month old Bluetick / German Wirehaired Pointer mix (though it seems much more bluetick). In general, she's all around a good dog. My girlfriend and I are trying to be very consistant with our training and have taken Bella to Obedience school.

My question has to do with her "happiness" and her desire to be around us. If we're gone for a few hours and come home, she's very excited to be around us, but she doesn't really want us to pet her for very long. She's very well exercised (multiple walks / runs / park every day and hikes on the weekends and doggie daycare on our long day of the week), but she's not interested in us petting her unless she's completely tired out. She doesn't really make eye contact for very long and doesn't come consistantly when we call her. We've been working on her recall, but it's pretty difficult when there are distractions.

Some friends of ours have Bella's sister and the two play often. The sister on the other hand, loves attention and will come up to you wagging her tail and stare you in the eyes until you're done petting her. Both dogs went to the same classes and I really don't think our households are drastically different. I have only had labs before so I'm used to the wagging bodies and utter euphoria they seem to experience when in the presence of their "great owner/s" (ha). I am just a little confused about the blank stares and lack of excitment from Bella. I understand the training can take a long time and be trying, but it'd be nice to know if others have had any similar experiences with these dogs being aloof and uninterested in attention/ affection.

Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.
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