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Thumbs up my cats megaesophagus recipe. can be altered for dogs too

my 1 yr old cat has megaesophagus very badly and needs a very liquidy diet. i adapted it to dogs and it may help yours.
i use the science diet canned ad available from the vet. it has antioxidents in it which can help her fight anything on the horizon. here is the recipe.

1 can of science diet ad
10 scoops of esbilac powder
richards wellness tonic( contains all natural antioxidents which boost the immune system) use 1 days dose according to your dogs weight on the pkge
1/2 tsp benebac(or whatever your dogs dose according to the package would be)
20 scoops of warm water(may be adjusted according to your dogs tolerance of thicker or thinner formula)
use a fork or blender to mix together and suck it into 20 or 30 cc syringes and i feed my cat about 10 cc per hour. keep the animal upright for 10 min after feeding and pat thier back to burp them. by burping them you are eliminating thier need to burp once you set them back on the floor. often with my jack if he burps once back on the floor it is followed by reflux and his chances of aspiration pneumonia are greater then also.
my jack is going in for his barium test in the am but i will check my mail on mon evening. sincerly elissa

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