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Diet for dog with Kidney Failure - Answered by Dr. Slome

I'm here as a last attempt at this guys.

As some of you may remember my dog was diangnosed with kidney failure in early July. Since then he went uphill after putting him on IV drip treatment for 3 days. He gained half a pound (which was fantastic!) but lately his appetite has went from acceptable to nothing. He has been on a rice/hamburger/ketchup diet since he last lost interest in the baked potato/rice diet (a week or so). Now, he refuses to eat anything. I've tried everything...most recently boiled chicken breast which he sniffed and stuck his nose away from (he used to gobble it up).

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I could give him? I'm desperate. He is on a naturalpathic pill and a naturalpathic liquid for his well as some pricey pills for his sore mouth as well as 65CC's of plasma (same as the IV drip was) every third day (he absolutly hates it, cries and cries when we give it to him). If you know of anything that might help please let me know. Thank you!