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I agree with the price, although if you order 3 or more recipes they are only $12.50 per recipe. My vet explained that there is a lot of "free advice" on the net and that the people coming up with these recipes do not have any veterinarian nutrional education, and even admitted that he doesn't have enough education on nutrition as there can be some very harmful recipes lacking proper proportions, elements, minerals,vitamins. He said that the University of California-Davis-is the best place for advice, and this website is run by "board certified veterinary nutritionists" from the University of California. Apparently there are only 37 "board certified vererinary nutrionalists" WORLDWIDE. He also said that if this was just an interim desire, that it would be ok, but for long term it was very important to make sure all of my dogs nutritional needs were being met with proper supplements. To tell you the truth, all this information has made me realize the importance and responsibility of taking up the desire to properly feed our dog. After reading "food pets die for" by Ann Martin, I'm aware of how lax the controls are for commercial pet food. It's disgusting what is allowed to go into pet foods. Sorry this is so long, I just wanted to explain what happened at the vets yesterday and my current thought on home cooking!!
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