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Originally Posted by erykah1310 View Post
What bout wellness??? It doesnt seem so bad, and a reasonable price too
Wellness is the dog food I recently changed to for my Boston Terrier. I like the ingredients. She prefers the dry kibbles, and I soften it a bit with water and then add either some boiled hamburger or chicken (whichever we are having!). I've seen such a difference in her activity level, and she runs to the bowl in anticipation of her meal, which, of course, I love to see! She had been eating Science Diet but really didn't like it; and it caused her to have very loose stools.

I'm thinking about getting a Siamese cat, and the breeder and I talked about dog and cat foods. She also feeds her cats Wellness - but only the dry because she feels the canned is not as good (perhaps "grainy", as Prin mentioned in another post). I'm going to give her the canned Wellness I bought so that she can give it to her chickens! (she says they love it! )
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