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Hey Shan! I just started my 10 mth old border collie on raw food, and it's not that expensive in comparison to Eukanuba, which i was feeding her before. The benefits have been astronomical and she's been on it for less than one week! We only feed her a pound a day as they're only supposed to eat 2-3% of their body weight. I'm not sure where you are from, but if you have a store called Pet Planet nearby, go there. We have her on Mountain Dog raw food and it comes already prepared. It comes in one pound blocks and you get 16 for less than $19.00 CDN. We feed her 1/2 a pound twice a day and all we do is cut the block in half and mush it around. Everything they need is in there and she loves it! We haven't started our heelers on it yet for the same reason you don't wanna change food yet. They need to finish their bags first!. anyways, check it out at local pet stores as I'm sure Pet Planet isn't the only one to seel it, or check out their website at for distributers. They told me to start her on the chicken and bone one as Eukanuba's primary ingredient is chicken. Good luck!
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