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Barf and most of the raw diets are excellent. But for myself the cost is prohibitive. My guy would bankrupt me in a few months if you look what I would have to feed a 155 pound dog. I would highly reccommend it for small and medium breeds. I actually know 4 or 5 dogs that are eating raw and they look great and have a lot more energy (you might want to think twice if you have a Border Collie or another high energy dog).Will you be able to keep up with them if they have more energy. I am actually thinking of feeding raw and kibble. I have told this also works well. I had Buddy on Solid Gold and it is excellent food but again it only comes in 30 pound bags. I perfer to buy a bag that will last at least 2 weeks. I found his output to be brutal on this food as well and have spoken to other Mastiff owner and for some reason this food has this effect on this breed. Not pleasant. I would go with the eagle pack holistic, over the other eagle pack.
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