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So confused

Well I too have decided that I need to upgrade my camera.
I have the Canon S2IS and do like it, but would like something a bit more advanced.
The S2IS has 5.0 MP and I would like something with 8+ MP.
I have looked at the Nikon D80 that a few of you have, but I am such a fan of Canon cameras I think it will be hard to switch.
Plus I like the fact that I already know my way around a Canon so it will be easier to learn a new one.

I have been bouncing back and forth about what camera I like, so far I like
the Canon EOS 400D Digital Rebel XTi
the Canon EOS 30D

Does anyone know anyone with these cameras, or have experience with them? I have looked at them on various websites and heard many great things about them.

Money is not a problem....I have saved up $1500.00 for a new camera so far, and am so confused about what to buy I am almost getting discouraged!!

Any ideas are appreciated and NO I don't necessarily HAVE TO buy a Canon, I am open to other makes.
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