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My dog same problem

My dog just had the same problem about a month ago, he had 3 very large tumors removed from his under arm, ribs, and chest. After the first 10 days he had to be brought to his vet again and she moulded a body cast over him, he was ripping his drainage tubes out and holes were present, we did not add stitches. After a week or so, cast came off and it healed up nicely, then about a week later stitches (the ones that were left!) were removed. It does take quite some time for these major operations to heal. My dog wore a t-shirt for weeks to keep him from scratching an licking. You really do have to limit their activity, and it was very hard knowing he was in pain and I could not do anything about it. He is now starting to go for walks and on the way to recovery.
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