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Try to minimize heavy activity/exercise; wound healing will take approximately six weeks. Limit licking/scratching/self-trauma to the healing region, continue to use oral antibiotics.

Unfortunately, this type of delayed wound healing is all too common in vet medicine. In human surgery for tumors, there are two teams: the first team removes the tumor and does not care how extensive the surgery is, as long as the tumor is totally resected. The second team comes in to repair the defect.

The reason for the two team approach is to keep surgeons from removing too little of the tumor site because of fear that too much tissue is removed, and adequate closure can not be done as a result. The second team is usually a skilled plastic surgery team specialized in difficult/complicated closure.Tissue grafts/skin flaps/etc. are all used. There is much preplanning done to expand tissue (saline implants placed weeks or months earlier under the skin) before
surgery is done. Not much of this is done in vet surgery because of the
expense, therefore, these delayed wound closures continue to be a problem.

Dr. Van Lienden

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