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Really? I thought I'd get laughed out of this thread for just doing eyes.

Ok, ok.. I put it in point form in word, so I could remember...

Ok, so do you know how to make a color pic black and white? That helps...

To select:
Lasso 1 selection (set feather at top higher for blurred edges so you can be less precise.. (I used 30))
To select a second thingy: shift + select with the lasso

(what I did though was I did one eye starting with the inner corner, didn't let go and went over and did the second eye. )

To reverse selection:
Select inverse (selects rest of image)

Then to make the inverse selection (i.e. rest of image) black and white, you go into Image - adjustment - desaturate

Is that clear enough? Select and image are in the menus at the top beside "file"...
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