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OK... I need more help!

I went out to get the Nutro Large Breed Senior today... then I started reading the Ingredients... Here's the first 5: Rice Flour, Chicken Meal, Rice Bran, Wheat Flour, Corn Gluten Meal.

That just doesn't sound good to me - Shouldn't the first ingred be a protein source? And isn't corn not supposed to be in the top 5?

So I started looking around (I was at Pet Smart)... everything had some sort Corn product in the first 5 Ingredients.... Until i found "Nature's Recipe". In the same price range as the "high quality" brands.... here's the first 5 ingredients.... Chicken meal, ground rice, cracked pearled barley, animal fat, natural flavor.

So is that a better food? I barley good?

I'm just driving myself nuts with this I know... But if I'm going to spend more for a better food I want to make sure it "is" a better food.

I was looking around and one of the foods that looked best to me is Performatrin Ultra (no corn, no by-products, no preservatives...etc)... BUT it is only sold through Pet Valu... and they sell pets (now that I know where the pets come from I'd rather not support them). Oh I'm trying to be politically correct here, but maybe I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and just buy that stuff.
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