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Jealous dog

This behaviour could be part of the Chihuahua mix's breeding. May I suggest that both you and your wife work together with your little Chihuahua mix so it will get used to you. Try doing some obedience training with the Chihuahua. Training it to "come" to you when called. Sitting, staying and teaching it the "down" command. Try teaching it little "tricks". Even take the Chihuahua on small walks around the house along with your wife. After a while, you can try working with your wife's dog by yourself with your wife watching in the same room. Give your little dog its dinner and do other little fun things around the house. Have your wife leave the house for a little bit at a time -- leaving you alone with your little dog. Slowly lengthen these periods of time so you're alone longer with your dog. Take it in the car with you, etc. Your Chihuahua mix will realize that you're lots of fun. Try making these training sessions short and fun with lots of praise so your Chihuahua mix will enjoy them and most of all -- you. Chihuahua's (and most small breeds) have a tendency of being a one person dog.

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