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Question How much is too much?


I have a 4 year old mixed breed Black Chow Chow / Samoyed named "Hoshi Kita" and she has recently started drinking, we think, more water than normal.

Historically Speaking...
We moved in mid-December from a condo in Montreal, where she did not have an outdoor space - beyond the balcony that overlooked the street, to a home in Sorel-Tracy that is fairly secluded in woods and is teeming with birds, squirrels, chipmunks, marmots and we've even seen one coyote!

Kita is outside more often and is more active - in the morning she goes for an hour long walk in the woods - pointing out pheasants, etc. To me, this is idyllic for her. However, she will at times, pace back and forth from one window to another throughout the house, looking outside - no doubt for evidence of some "Varmit Trespasser" and we think this might be providing a slight elevation in her stress levels - but isn't that natural? Dogs are natural born hunters, right? Especially, Chow Chows. It would be expected that she be excited to see all "this" and be excited and somewhat protective of "Kita's Park", right?

Being as how, we've only ever lived in the city and this is our first experience in the country with a dog (and a cat, too! Lord Almighty lest I forget to mention Miss "Boo Boo Bucle" Simone), we're not sure if she's drinking due to stress, a urinary-something, or is she too hot and just needs to cool down?

I've seen people write in this thread that their dog is drinking excessively. How do you "know"? What is excessive drinking for a 70lbs to 80lbs dog with a double layer of fur that is now, as is normal, falling out and making our floors look like the Wild West with tumbleweeds of fur blowing everywhere... Kita-Kat is probably drinking around 8-12 cups of water a day. Is that excessive?

What we're seeing also is that she will drink her daily does of water most often, close to - or just as, she goes to bed. Same with eating. She eats mainly at night, hardly touching her food at all during the day. She does eat and she does drink but is any of this "normal"? She doesn't urinate excessively - that is normal too. Longer squats, for sure but again, this is to be expected, right?

Hoshi Kita's active, playful, emotional, cute-as-can-be and pretty! Oh so pretty! Those big brown eyes!

(She's watching me write this, of course.)

Any thoughts?

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