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Lump Surgery Aftercare in dogs - Answered by Dr. Van Lienden

I am currently caring for an austrailan cattle dog that had surgery couple weeks ago to remove a tumor from her left hip. A large piece of skin was removed along with the lump and the rest was pulled together and stitched up.

The stitches pulled themselves apart about 10 days after the operation and the dog was taken back to the vet to have new stitches put in. Now they are tearing again.

There is a nickle-sized open wound where the stitches pulled apart, but we've decided against having them put back in since it seems like there's just not enough skin left to properly cover the area where the tumor was removed. We are just healing it as an open wound while trying to prevent it from tearing further.

The dog is totally housebound except for short excursions outside to go pee. She has perscribed antibiotics and we are giving her a baby asprin each day for the pain. She wears a collar to prevent her from licking at the wound, but the owner made her a loose-fitting 'pant leg' to protect that area in case she squirms past the collar.

Is there anything else I should/can do as far as aftercare goes? We all want her healed as quickly and painlessly as possible
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