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Flax seed oil

Originally Posted by Goldenmom
Hi! I feed my 3 Golden Girls Nutro Large Breed. I have had them on Nutro since puppyhood and love it. Nutro is to help ear infections, as well as skin problems. We don't have any of those problems with the girls. I also put 1 tsp. of Flax Seed oil on their food per day, to help with their shiny coat and shedding.

I read more about people giving Flax seed oil and to be honest I am not sure what it is for.
Is this oil used for other reasons than shedding and shine, sorry if that is a silly question I just like to ask when I am not sure. I think this is great getting so much help and advice from people who really do have the pets best intrest at heart. I do realize that anything I read does never take the place of Dr Judy our vet.

Could you please tell me more about Flax oil.
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