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Originally Posted by silver_girl
she LOVES the Kong! So far, I have only given her treats and peanut butter in it....might try cheez whiz this to see how see reacts, you never know anymore....
All the preservatives are EXTREMLY unhealthy for dogs (even for humans actually, but since we are much larger and have a more complex ability to break down foods they don’t kill us, as fast).

I am sure she would LOVE Cheez Whiz but there is NO nutrition value in Cheez Whiz, just sugar, salt, empty calories and preseritives. Remember, the nutritional needs of a dog are GREATLY different the humans.

I would suggest getting some QUALITY wet dog food (Solid Gold, Nutro Natural, Natural Balance) filling up a Kong and placing it in the freezer for a few hours. A “teaser” of natural peanut butter with no extra preservatives in the tip or at the large opening really gets our boys excited.

Whenever I am eating something totally unhealthily, McDonalds, Pizza Rolls etc and my boys are being as cute as they can in hopes of getting a bite I have to remind myself their life span is so (and cruelly) incredibly short compared to ours doing everything I can to make sure they stay healthy and live a long life is my duty. Diet is a HUGE part of that responsibility.

I think it is EXCELLENT you posted our question about rawhide. Honestly, I had no idea rawhide was so horrible until we got our boys and my wife read every single thing printed about dogs

PS - Maggie is beyond adorable!!!
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