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cat with sensitive digestion runny poop - Answered by Dr. Van Lienden

My sweet kitty has had serious digestive problems since she was sadly locked in a room for several days last year. At first she wouldn't eat anything, but I kept her alive on tuna for a while. She is currently eating Medical hypoallergenic canned food, the only thing she digests at all well, but is desperately hungry for anything else she smells, including yogurt, french toast, etc. and her breath smells like duck--yuck! This cat used to eat many different foods, including vegetables, but now cannot digest anything well, though she craves it so much. She is very sensitive and gentle, and used to be so dignified in her approach to food. Now she's so ravenous. Her poop ranges from normal to very runny, and mostly not in the litterbox. Yuck again. She has lost a good bit of weight as well. The vet just felt some intestinal swelling, but I really can't afford the $400 for tests plus $$ for treatment, so short of the unspeakable, what can I do? Something homeopathic??? thanks!
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