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Twitching hind legs and ticklish buttons

I have a 14-year old rough coat Jack Russell "Goudy". People still think he's a puppy and are drawn to him when he's out and about or in the pet supply stores. But his health really took a dive within the last year. He lost most of his hearing in the last few months and his hind legs started twitching. He's panting and restless sometimes. Doc. said, he may have arthritis and being a terrier, he's trying to tough it out by panting. Now a new thing I don't know how to describe. You know, dogs have these funny spots that when you scratch them, their legs start running. Goudy de-activated the spots around his back and sides. Instead, his legs went crazy when we rub his belly. To a point, his doing it himself without us touching him. With his weak legs, he can barely stand.

Any suggestions? What kind of doctor should I go to.
We're really worried about our Goudy boy.
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