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Spoiled, I do not mean this to be unkind, but you are NOT qualified to be training other peoples' dogs, and if you are calling yourself a trainer, and taking on clients you can get in trouble.

Here is a list of certifications my own trainer has. I suggest you get at one or two of these before you do anything with anyone's dogs.

• B.Sc. Degree Animal Science,
Iowa State University, 1968

• U.S. Army Veterinary Technician,
Walter Reed Army Institute, 1970

• Graduate Baltimore City Police Department,
Canine Instructors Course, 1976

• Certified member of Professional Dog Trainers
Association of Canada, 1982

• Training Director for Club Schutzhund Soulanges
– 8 years

• Certified and licensed D.V.G,
Schutzhund Trial Decoy, 1984

• Owner and Trainer,
TRI–L Kennels, January 1984
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