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I have book a read called "shes come undone"... i cant think of the author but I enjoyed two of her books... I loved Shes come undone!

I remember books more then authors... Lovely bones is another one. Awesome book.
Wally Lamb wrote She's Come Undone, and Alice Sebold wrote The Lovely Bones. I have them both

I have almost all the Joy Fielding books as well as Maeve Binchy. I tend to read books very quick and Maeve Binchy books are thick and last me awhile longer.
When I was little I loved Nancy Drew and just recently found an author who writes similar. Her name is Kate White and her books are " grown up" versions of Nancy Drew books.
In fact one review she got was " Nancy Drew meets Cosmopolitan."
So if your looking for a good "chick book" this would be a great series to get into lol.
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