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Bad Cat... Bad! Peeing on the bed

Well, after some successful help with my kitten Tiki I thought I would return and post my second problem. Kit Kat, my two year old cat, has a problem with peeing. It is not your run-of-the-mill cant find/dont like the litter box problem, it is cleaned daily, i took the enclosed top off after realizing she hated it and it is in an easily accessable but private place. But instead she is consistantly peeing on our bed/comforters and occasionally clothing (ususally in the dirty laundry basket) Do you think it is possible that there is some smell on our dirty clothes or slept on sheets that she finds offensive and needs to cover up?

I have never caught her doing this but it happens on a pretty regular basis, i try to keep the blankets, pillows and clothes off the floor since it happens more often when they are there, but she still will pee right on the bed. Incidently, she usually picks my boyfriends clothes or side of the bed to go on. (hmmm...) but we got the cat while living together so he is not a new addition or anything like that.

Ideas? Help? anything would be appreciated. Natures Miracle gets pretty expensive when you use as much as I do .

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