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What do you feed yourself/family?

ITs been bothering me for a little while now that many of us are very knowlegable as to what we feed our pets and voice our knowlege when ever we have the chance. However...
I have been wondering what type of food we all eat.

Myself I am a stickler for Orgaic meat and veggies but much prefer eating things that have been raised by or grown by someone I know ( farmers)

Very very few things are made out of a box here. Some stuff I do eat such as perogies, stuffing, cereals ect, just because I do not know as of yet how to make from scratch.

I dont like using Club House mixes for anything but sometimes will.
Deep fried anything a definate no go around here. and so on.

I just dont trust complete strangers who may be importing MY food from sketchy places very much.
I mean, we put ALOT of faith in companies to deliver us nutrition whether it be fast foods, or convienience foods.

What your take on this????
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