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Unhappy Agressive dog at crate time

My dog brandy is a neutered 2 yr old rescue terripooh we have had about a month. This past week he has decided that he likes his crate but he goes ballistic growling and snaping when we lay a hand on the crate to close it. We have been feeding him in his crate(the food is removed at night and only a treat is in it) and leaving snacks in it for a treat during the day. He is crated at night (the crate has to be away from our bedrooms) we only go out for about an hour or so during the day and he is crated then. I am reallly upset by his behavior and I'm afraid it may ruin the way I feel about this little fluff ball. I won't allow my children near the crate and have kept them from witnessing his bad behavior. I now use an oven mit to close the door. Should I just ignore this behavior and walk away or should I stay with him to have him settle? He is very willing to go into the crate so he must feel comfortable there.
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