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I have a 122 lb female Rottie. Understand they have a very very thick coat of hair. We usually go through 2 sheddings a year so I feel your pain. My dog stays indoors so everything is coated in black. It calls for alot of vaccum time. This is a natural part of life, it is normal. Yes a better quality food can make them shiney and pretty but the hair is still going to shed. I ask my groomer if there was anything I can do to help stop or speed up the process, she said use a shedder blad on her. This is the same thing I use on my horses to help rid of the winter hair.
We also use Eagle Pack food, and the hair still comes out. Each time we go through this it takes around a month. ( But I can still get hair out of her, and its always on my floor) Gotta Love her !!!!!!!!!
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