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Posts: 12,073 - Podcast#14 - Dog food and cat food - Interview with Prin - Please comment

Pet podcast #14 focuses on an interview with Prin, who is one of the most active members on the Bulletin board. Due to the current interest in pet foods because of the recent pet food recall, in this interview we talk with Prin who has done her own personal research on pet food. Pet food is a really complex issue and we tried to keep it simple. We discussed what to avoid and what to look for with regard to pet food ingredients, the differences between dry and wet pet food and other aspects on how to best feed your pet.

The podcast can be downloaded or listened to almost immediately by clicking the triangle in the embedded player straight from the blog.



Here's a description of what a podcast is:
What is a Podcast?
A podcast is simply an audio file that you can play on your computer or on an MP3 player such as an Ipod. You can think of a podcast as a recorded radio program that you download and then play whenever you want. Podcasts from will of course feature pet tips and other useful pet information. They will be approximately 5-20 minutes in length. Please note that using our new embedded player in the blog, our podcasts can be listened to almost immediately. It works in most, but not all browsers though, in which case they need to be downloaded in their entirety (so it takes a couple of minutes) onto your computer or MP3 player before they can be listened to.
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