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Yes I can also tell you that scrappy kittens are nothing to worry about. They just like to take their teeth and claws "out for a spin" every once in a while. Smoke loves a good "hand to claw" play combat every once in a while. And well Windy (she's my ankle biter), still has that obsession with feet...but now it usually only involves a few licks, a nibble and a hug...then a nice long nap curled around my ankle-provided I don't have anywhere to be!
And for sure get them a variety of toys, fur mice, cat-nip pouches(I make my own with cat-nip, pistachio shells and a crinkly plastic bag sewn inside a fabric pouch), DEFINITELY invest in one of the larger cat scratch posts with at least two levels and a section covered in heavy rope(it WILL save your furniture). And I have to say again that "string on a stick" is a tried and true way to excersise and (usually) wear out a hyper cat or kitten- not to mention that you usually get quite a workout too!!! My girls will run up and down our hallway as many times as I can before I collapse! And make sure you take lots of pictures...cause we all love pictures!!!