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About rabies...

I thought that in Ontario, if a bite is reported and the dog's owner doesn't have proof of rabies vaccination, the dog must be quarantined for so many days OR the victim of the bite can choose to have the vaccinations just to be safe.

My sister was bitten twice by our family dog. She was probably about 16 when the bites occurred. The first time was an obvious warning and we all should have known better. He was sleeping on the couch beside her, she leaned over to grab the remote, he woke up startled and bit her in the face. It was very minor. The second time was similar. He was asleep on the floor. She walked over to him and bent over him to wake him up. This time I didn't see it, but it was pretty bad. He must have actually grabbed on to her lips and chin for a few seconds. Most of her upper lip was gone.

She's in her 20s now and still has trouble with dogs. She's gotten a lot better, but I can still see that she's uneasy with them. It's sad, because she's an animal lover and I know she wants to have another dog eventually.

I agree that children shouldn't be left alone with dogs. But obviously neither should teenagers! But in my sister's case, she's the type that thinks that any discipline is mean and that she wants to be the dog's friend. If she had shown him the upper hand from the beginning I don't think she would have been bitten.

I'm sorry to all of you who have bitten bitten or had children and family bitten. It's really awful and scary.
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