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Dog with horrible rash - skin problems - Answered by Dr. Slome

We have a 3 year old lab/ridgeback type cross (Pound special). Brandy is covered with angry looking red spots again. This has been an on again off again thing since February.

Her poor little feet are painful for us to look at never mind for her to have. We have had her tested for mange and treated - that didn't work. She has been on coritizone twice now and antibiotics twice. She has even been to a dog dermatologist (we have already spent an easy grand on this but still do not know anything). The horribly itchy rash settles down and the flares up really bad again. She is heading back to the vet again tomorrow but I do not have a lot of confidence whatever she has will be discovered.

The next step, I guess, is allergy testing but I cannot think of what has changed from last year and last year she would get a bit of a rash in her armpits somethings but nothing like this.

Is there anyone with any suggestions. We are getting quite desperate about this.

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