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Lucky..awwww kitten-hood
My friends always know when a new little one has joined my family,my arms and hands look like road-maps
Kittens pounce at your feet,attack anything that moves as a potential play-thing,that's just being a kitten.It does not mean he'll be doing it as a grown cat,does not mean you have an aggressive cat...
Never ever punish a kitten for being a kitten,a mist spray bottle with water is an idea,but better yet,is another kitten to practise with and keep him busy Mind you,no guaranti he won't still be attracted to wiggeling toes
He's very young and probably would benefit from cuddling up to another kitten. I wish people would not cruelly take kittens away from mom so early,they learn so much from their mom
Also,if you are inexperienced,take care trimming the kittens nails,only the hook part of the nail should be clipped,don't cut any closer..
"The cruelest animal is the Human animal"
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